Personalized Approach and Commitment

At Tutoring Solutions, our experiences have led us to formulate a methods-based approach to learning. This strategy places emphasis on helping students to learn the skills and methods necessary for success and self-sufficiency in a given subject area.

Individually Tailored Programs

Every student has unique strengths and interests, and an initial assessment is employed to determine the needs of each.  A tutor uses a student’s assessment, the time period available, and that student’s desired frequency of sessions to create an individually tailored education program. 

Diverse Specialties

The teaching staff at Tutoring Solutions represents a diverse and comprehensive body of experience. Our tutors hold Ph.Ds. and other advanced degrees from Ivy League schools, and many are on faculty at premier U.S. universities.  We offer tutoring and test preparation for students at all levels and subjects, as well as academic and school admissions advising and assistance.