TutoringSolutions is a premier tutoring agency based in New York City. We focus on helping students in their K-12, undergraduate and graduate studies and standardized exams.

TutoringSolutions was founded by a group of Ivy League Ph.Ds., professors, and other experienced educators who decided to pool their knowledge and resources in order to create a first-tier tutoring organization. The varied backgrounds of the founding members gave the agency the ability to offer students expert instruction in several fields, and as more experts joined the teaching staff, each contributed his or her own expertise. 

The culmination of that experience was the development of a comprehensive approach to improving student performance:

1) Determining a student’s strengths, needs, and interests

2) Using an individual’s specific characteristics to formulate an instruction plan, towards the target of

3) Helping a student to succeed in his or her target area. 

Our approach to student instruction is highly personalized. We strive to know each student, and understand the strengths and abilities of every one. At TutoringSolutions, all of our instructors utilize their extensive experience and personal expertise to assess each student, and design an appropriate education plan for every student. 


Our methodology is based on adaptive and active learning: tutors continue to assess each student’s abilities as sessions progress, and adjust the education plan accordingly. Instructors focus on providing students with appropriate challenges and practice work to ensure each student’s continued engagement, and thus enhance the quantity and quality, of the material being learned.

Our goal is to go beyond 'just' teaching the material. We strive to help students develop skills that enable them to independently tackle future challenges. The final part is the key to TutoringSolution’s approach, and every instructor’s ultimate goal: helping students to develop the skills, habits and methods necessary for self-sufficiency; essentially, instead of giving students the proverbial “fish” (which would allow them to eat for a night), teaching students to fish (so they can eat for a lifetime).  In this way, students will be able to confront new issues and problems on their own, rather than forming a dependence on a tutor.



Sinisa Vukelic

Sinisa Vukelic

Sinisa Vukelic holds a PhD from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering, an assistant professorship at Bucknell University and a lecturing position at Columbia.  He has been tutoring students for over a decade, and specializes in the development and execution of intensive short-term programs to help students prepare for AP exams and more advanced science, mathematics and engineering topics.  Sinisa gives stressed-out students the tools to make the learning process effective, when they need them the most.  He has an impeccable record working with students on the AB and BC calculus AP exams, and tutored the Columbia University football team in math and physics for 7 years, with nearly all of his students receiving a 3.0 or above in both subjects during that period. 

Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum

Daniel Birnbaum is an education specialist with more than ten years of experience as a tutor, teacher, and creator of curricular materials. He specializes in analyzing students’ individual needs, and then creating an instructional plan that appeals to their strengths and interests. Daniel’s expertise has helped countless students significantly improve their test scores, writing abilities, and understanding of the learning process. He works primarily in the areas of standardized testing- the SAT, ACT, LSAT, SHSAT and AP and SAT subject exams- and “social studies”- English language and writing, history and rhetoric.  Daniel also has considerable experience helping students to navigate the college admissions process and the New York City school system.

Andrew Birnbaum

Andrew Birnbaum

Andrew Birnbaum holds a MS from Carnegie Mellon University, a PhD from Columbia University, and a post-doctoral fellowship from the federal Naval Research Laboratory.  He specializes in mathematics and engineering topics, and as a tutor and instructor he has been helping students to achieve their potential for many years.


Zafir Bureai

Zafir Bureai

Zafir Bureai holds a PhD from Tulane University in Molecular Biology, as well as postdoctoral fellowships from Rockefeller University and Columbia University. He is currently an assistant professor at Pace University in New York City. Zafir has a deep commitment to his students and his work, and goes above and beyond to impart his understanding of complex subjects to his pupils.

Michael Golik

Micheal Golik

Michael Golik holds a JD from Duke University, where he concentrated in corporate, commercial, and financial law, and he is admitted to the New York State Bar.  He also holds an MS in Business, and is a Level 3 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) candidate. Michael specializes in tutoring advanced financial and legal topics—including corporate finance, financial accounting, and business law—as well as generalized verbal, logic, and math exams such as the SAT, GRE, and LSAT. Michael holds a perfect score on the old-form GRE (Verbal: 800/800, Math: 800/800, Analytical Writing: 6.0/6.0), and he scored in the 99th percentile in all sections of the SAT and LSAT.  Michael’s day job is in the financial industry where, until recently, he worked at an international hedge fund. He has been tutoring for many years, and has exceptional expertise in helping students understand highly complex subject matter.

Gregory Fomovsky

Gregory FomovskyGregory Fomovsky holds a PhD from Columbia University in Biomedical Engineering, and is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. He is a very attentive and thorough tutor, always willing to delve deeply into a problem or topic with a student; Greg ensures that his students acquire the skills and knowledge that they need to achieve their goals.  


Matteo Caligaris:

Matteo Caligaris

Matteo Caligaris holds a PhD from Columbia University in Mechanical Engineering. He has a broad range of interests, and helps students to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application.