Maintaining a successful academic career has become a complex task in recent years.  The implementation of the national “core curriculum”, the proliferation of tests at all levels, and the increasingly competitive nature of school admissions processes are all symptoms of an unwieldy, and often incomprehensible system.  At Tutoring Solutions, we help students and their families find the path of least resistance through their respective educational journeys. 

We offer assistance with all classes at the k-12 level, covering all subjects and difficulties.  If your son or daughter needs help navigating a standard, honors, or AP class, requires assistance with an important project or essay, or has to prepare for an in-class or standardized test, our trained and experienced professionals can help. 

Our Approach

Our tutors utilize a methods-based learning approach, in which the primary goal is teaching a student the skills that he or she needs to become successful in the target area.  For instance: if a student needed help with a US History paper, a TutoringSolutions tutor would not simply tell the student historical information; rather, the student would be taught how to do research for a history essay, how to properly structure that type of essay, and any other skills necessary for the task, given that specific student’s needs (i.e. help with grammar, helping a student to understand the pertinent historical situation and framework, etc).  In contrast, for an AP Physics course (or other science topic), our tutors would emphasize a student’s understanding of the subject area rather than rote learning or a teach-to-the-test mentality.

In addition to their expertise in their respective specialty areas, our tutors have a great deal of experience assessing students’ needs and abilities.  Every student is unique, and our educators strive to teach students how to utilize their own individual strengths and interests.

Secondary and High School Admissions in New York

New York has a vast and complex secondary and high school admissions process.  Every year, more than a hundred-thousand students compete for spots at some of the most respected public and private institutions in the nation.  Admissions criteria for these schools vary, and include standardized examinations, interviews and auditions, and students’ middle school academic records.  Some schools employ a single one of these methods, and others combine them in a more holistic approach to student evaluation. 

At TutoringSolutions, we help students prepare for this process in a number of ways. 

1)      Admissions Exams: We provide test preparation for a wide array of secondary school and high school entrance exams, including the Secondary Schools Admissions Test (SSAT), the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT), and the various Catholic high school entrance exams in the region, including the TACHS, COOP, HSPT, and CHSEE.

2)      Academics: Our tutors provide the guidance and instruction necessary for student comprehension of classroom subject matter, ensuring that students can depend on their grades lending weight to their applications. 

For more information about the high school admissions process, or about our instructional methods or educational philosophy, please review the “About Us” section of our website, or contact info@tutoringsolutions.org